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“El Ruisenor” Nominated for Best Latin Tropical Album

Cuban Cultural icon Jose Alberto - “El Ruisenor” Nominated for Best Latin Tropical Album – “Mi Tumbao” For the 63rd Grammy ® Awards!!

Dec 04, 2020

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The 63rd Grammy Nominations were announced on November 24, 2020. The astonishing surprise was the Nomination of Cuban born Jose Alberto “El Ruisenor”, Nominated for Best Latin Tropical Album “Mi Tumbao”. The excitement is building and it couldnot have happened to a better man.

Jose Alberto Tamayo Diaz, aka The Nightingale. Born into a musical family, his father being a huge influence on his music, he was a tres player and his mother was a singer. At fourteen years young he was the leader of the Cuban based band, Grupo Rock Lasser, his charisma and popularity spurred his passion, and the rest is history. Jose Alberto has dedicated his love of Cuba through his music. When Jose Alberto accepts his win on Jan 31, 2021 this would make him the first solo cuban male vocalist wiiner in 21 years, since Chucho Valdez, in 1999. Ruisenior confesses, “The Grammy Awards are way there, it is the Oscars for music, winning a Grammy award would mean a lot to my country.”

Hailing from Bayamo, the capital city of the Granma Province of Eastern Cuba. “Bayamo is my life” Alberto admitted proudly, in reflection of his group BNM, Bayamo National Movement. For over 30 years, Jose has thrived as a prominent citizen of Cuba, and has constantly worked hard for his city, his music and his valuable culture. As the most internationally awarded solo artist of Granma, Jose Alberto Ruisno has dedicated many songs to the Cuban Congress. With the pandemic numbers growing, he curated an online philantropic concert, to recognize the efforts of the doctors and nurses titled, “Cuba Saves”, broadcasted from his own backyard. Before the pandemiche he was keeping up with his home town roots, by performing every Saturday in the main street of Bayamo.

The album title, “Mi Tumbao” translates to “ swag” or “grace to move,” which transends the listener into the origins of Cuban music, and the raw roots of his Cuban nation. The album breathes three decades of artistic life, composed of Guaracha, Son, Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue. Homage is vibrantly paid to his influencers, and godfathers of Cuban music; Sindao Garay, Nico Squaquito and Miguel Matamoros, all introduced to him by his father. The album has 10 illuminating action packed tracks, some unpublished and others adaptations of known Cuban classics. The feature track ‘Emigrante’ (Immigrant), with lyrics “This has to change, down ambitions, there is only one heaven in this world, why so many divisions.” Jose narrates the overlooked struggles of migrant life with pure vulnerability, a timely song meant for acknowledging all the current problems brought on by controversial governments, In contrast, Jose transforms the featured internationally known anthem of ‘Lagrimas Negras’ Black Tears, intospirited traditional salsa.

Jose Alberto’s debut album is beautifully arranged and produced by three-time Latin Grammy Award winner, Geavanis Alacantra Lopez. The project is backed by English label Tumi Music. This UK based label, where you will find authentic and original music from all corners of Latin America, with legendary A&R director Mo Fini at the helm.

Jose Albertos innate vocal techniques, and the ability to relate to the common man through his music, will captivate and inspire any and all of its listeners.. Miracles do happen and this time its all rolled up in a profoundly talented troubador, Jose Alberto, he is a force to be rekoned with. If you’ve never heard his music before, now is the time to listen; make yourself a cubano and a cafecito, take the old Victrola for a spin, your feet will do all the work. Jose Alberto’s contagious rhythmic vocals are going to get you!!

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