Sonero de Oriente

Sonero de Oriente

Composer, arranger, vocalist, tres and guitar player Arturo Jorge is one of Cuba’s hidden gems.

His songs and poems portray the simple rural life of Eastern Cuba and reflect his early childhood as a farmer's son. His inspiration and musical arrangements can be related to some of the great figures of Cuban Music such as Nico Saquito, Matamoros, Polo Montañez and Compay Segundo.

01-A Una Rosa : GBBFT2300021 :03:54

02-Como me gusta : GBBFT2300022: 04:59

03-Como Yo Llore : GBBFT2300013: 04:55

04-Corazon Bandido : GBBFT2300014: 05:05

05-Dejalos Que Hablen: GBBFT2300015: 03:54

06-Este Año: GBBFT2300016: 04:51

07-Mi Corazon Sufre: GBBFT2300017: 05:53

08-Olvidaste Mujer: GBBFT2300018: 03:38

09- Vamos a valle Elqui (Vamos al Baile)

: GBBFT2300020: 03:33

10-Y Si Tu No me quieres: GBBFT2300019: 04:43

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