Como yo te quiero

by Alma Latina, Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa

A medium tempo beautiful Latin melody talking about love and how much this woman wants this man accompanied by beautiful tres and the guitar of Eliades Ochoa and lovely voice of Maria Ochoa.

Love knows how to want something and passion is fixed

I want to surrender at your feet

Time will tell how much I love you

With all sincerity you are the one that I love

Do not leave me with a heart of love for you

I love you alone and all my music I sing for you is care for you

I love you alone

Without you I cannot live through delight of my soul

You are the sun that guides me and the air to exist

If I die because of your passion

I know it will be your fault and it is you alone that I love


Guajira Mas Guajira

Guajira Mas Guajira

The multiple Grammy winning Artist of Buena Vista Social Club Eliades Ochoa with his sister Maria Ochoa get together to produce one of the most wonderful recording of all times in Cuba. Maria remembers how she used to sit in a hammock and asked Eliades to play on his broken guitar so that she could more…

Artists: Alma Latina, Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa

Featured Artist

Alma Latina

Alma Latina (Group)

directed by Julio Montoro alma latina consisit of 7 top musicians playing latin and fusion.


Maria Ochoa

Maria Ochoa

The sisiter of Eliades Ochoa singer/song writer.

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Salsa, Son and Latin