La Miki y La Repa

by La Reyna y La Real

A rap betwee two charecters Miky and Repa:

My boy friend has a hyper car flown,

For the strawberry, for the Sangrilá, it takes me everywhere,

I like when it arrives and it blows the horn,

It's just that I see it as super fashion.

Simple, but all my clothes are expensive,

From top to bottom, mark Kitty, Zara.

I'm in shape to see you leave guara,

Gym in Kolhy 30 fulas, tell me who pays them.

My jevito clear, is not tremendous stick

But it is chuly amount and has tremendous varus,

Ultra cool my china, you can stay calm

He with his Wii And his plasma and I mojito in the pool.

Everything is strawberry but there are times that are passed

  Look, I told you, I'm going to leave your house,

That goes to the Club Habana, but that it pard


Miky y Repa

Miky y Repa

La Reyna and La Real are two black female rappers and the latest craze in the Cuban underground music scene. In the words of La Real: "Through our everyday experiences of life we find a way to communicate through our art. With our combination of sensitivity and strength we have a unique message a more…

Artist: La Reyna y La Real


La Reyna y La Real

La Reyna y La Real (Group)

La Reyna and La Real two female black rappers are the latest flame in Cuban underground music scene. "It is a way of seeing the work of two women who from their life experiences give the world a real message to an audience through Art. This mixture of sensitivity and strength make a unique union more…

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Yadira Pintado Lazcano, Reyna Mercedes Hernández Sandoval, Moises Whittaker Álvarez and Laura N. Martínez
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