No Son Na

by La Reyna y La Real

A rap and Tango twisted together:

That I care what they say, what they think there in the end the simple things

They will never die

I tell you this without fright, the rest is for pleasure

I have them dizzy with much disgust,

Hypocrite does not matter if my presence pleases you

I'm the Reyna everybody knows since I was born crowned.

Do not you understand? I will explain

That I have a star and no one is going to overshadow it

It's my style, I do not look like anyone...


Miky y Repa

Miky y Repa

La Reyna and La Real are two black female rappers and the latest craze in the Cuban underground music scene. In the words of La Real: "Through our everyday experiences of life we find a way to communicate through our art. With our combination of sensitivity and strength we have a unique message a more…

Artist: La Reyna y La Real


La Reyna y La Real

La Reyna y La Real (Group)

La Reyna and La Real two female black rappers are the latest flame in Cuban underground music scene. "It is a way of seeing the work of two women who from their life experiences give the world a real message to an audience through Art. This mixture of sensitivity and strength make a unique union more…

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Yadira Pintado Lazcano, Reyna Mercedes Hernández Sandoval, Moises Whittaker Álvarez and Laura N. Martínez
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Rap and Tango