by Zule Guerra and La Reyna y La Real

A fusion of rap and Jazz:

Thank God for making me the way I am

The defects he gave me, the virtues I believe,

That does not change for you that with little I am happy

And with no one I have to pretend.

I learned that I hate the materialistic

To opportunists and false friendship,

That in life there is no such thing as a mother

No one else I have to trust always betray often.

At my age I have lived very intense

Every day a beginning, every beginning is an end

A stumbling block he has done is to push

You want to create and get back up.

Everything happens, everything ends, everything comes

The destiny is traced and each one has its star

Meanwhile, I live my way.

I want those who want and I can lay down those who can.


Miky y Repa

Miky y Repa

La Reyna and La Real are two black female rappers and the latest craze in the Cuban underground music scene. In the words of La Real: "Through our everyday experiences of life we find a way to communicate through our art. With our combination of sensitivity and strength we have a unique message a more…

Artist: La Reyna y La Real

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La Reyna y La Real

La Reyna y La Real (Group)

La Reyna and La Real two female black rappers are the latest flame in Cuban underground music scene. "It is a way of seeing the work of two women who from their life experiences give the world a real message to an audience through Art. This mixture of sensitivity and strength make a unique union more…

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Yadira Pintado Lazcano, Reyna Mercedes Hernández Sandoval, Moises Whittaker Álvarez and Laura N. Martínez
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